Sunday, April 26, 2009


Time for another update I guess.

Nothing great, just a patchwork of lifedrawing, sketchs and a Tezuka homage pic that I did for advanced inking. The Tezuka pic (hereafter referred to as failpic) came out kinda lame. Hopefully I'll be able to do something similar one day, but with an actual composition.

Next up is some life drawing I've did mostly this past Friday during a model session. I used a regular brush and ink. For the other pics I used a Pilot Hi-Tech C pen.Next up are some various sketches doing some problem solving and fleshing out.
I really want to try and use the kid in the left for something, but he's kinda hard to draw. Time to study some Dragonball...

Editor's day is coming up soon, and I'm kind of at loss for material (pages). I need more time than luck, so wish me some time!

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  1. Hey Josh--looks like your blog's off to a promising start! Here's mine.