Saturday, July 31, 2010

so this is rakugaki power

Just another dumpdate! Had an idea for a paper delivery comic. It'd be like mad max/intial d on bikes with lots of painful bruising crashes! I think I drew the last page while listening to Muse's Exogenesis, the finale in particular. It spurred me to draw the finale of one comic. I drew the creatures on the right after reading Yukinobu Hoshino's 2001 Nights, a masterpiece of science fiction comics.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

rakugaki returns

I guess in order to make up for lost time I'll just start updating semi- daily?
The 2nd rakugaki book I started didn't really have anything great... a lot of it was rut-ridden, but some interesting ideas still managed to poke through.

My favorites in these pictures are probably the thugs. Mean, ugly thuggy thug-thugs. Thugs with faces that would make their mothers want to punch them. Maybe I should just make a book with nothing but thug fodder in it.

coming back