Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Finished assignment

Just finished up some stuff for Advanced Inking, it's a fun class with assignments that really challenge you. I guess that challenge comes from within as everything is left up to you. Most other classes are like that in Norris but maybe it's because I actually care about this class that I find myself doing a lot of work.

I drew this one out first, to get it out of the way. The theme for this picture was dancing, and all I could think about was judo.

I wanted to draw the everyone in an outside field/forest, with some hijinx going on in the background and maybe showing some more animals in the line, but there wasn't enough room (and I was working pretty big, 16x8).

This was done mostly in brush and inkwash. I used a round flat brush, made sure it was carryind diluted ink and then split the hairs to create the wood texture. That worked really well for the bottom floor as you can see. By lining them up horizontally and vertically you can get a cool natural cross hatch going on, which would look good on huts or weaves.

This was done while reading some good ol Hirohiko Araki (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure).
If you've never read it, I highly suggest doing so. IMMEDIATELY.

Anyway, compositionally, It was kind of a cool idea. I wish I could have made the background lights better, but the razor blade method I was working with... well it wasn't working.

The dude on the right is like a cross of a Jojo character, Alex from Street Fighter 3 and this one John Bauer painting (or was it Arthur Rackham). Could this be Bronze O'Hara? Think I'm gonna call him Rocky Bronze. (as in Bronze A'Rachi)

Contour lines were all brush, and the hatching was all nib, save for the feathering on the spot blacks in the wrestler's muscles.

On the right you've got Alexander McCarthur Bullet wondering exactly how he's gonna be able to punch that guy.

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  1. DUDE!!! The Jojo piece is glorious, as well the dojo drawing. I really like the inking technique on the Alex character, nice definition on the muscles. The white inking in the background is great, I should try more inking with white matte using a brush, than a nib. Alexander should use his star punch power before Bronze O'Hara puts the Punch Out on him :)