Thursday, July 23, 2009

rakugaki with robots!

Today we've got some sketching around of Kung-Fu Ramone, Jett's heroic idol and to-be mentor. He's based off a good friend of mine, one who has picked me up from the depths of despair twice already, and it just all seems to fit together and feel right.

I also downloaded the soundtrack to Giant Robo and spent about a day listening to it and the Big- O Soundtracks as well. The fruits of that labor are obvious. Some girls, and a mini portrait of my girlfriend when I took her out for our anniversary. She wasn't really looking that angry.. just... looking at some bread.

Monday, July 13, 2009

rakugaki update

So here's an update on the Rakugaki sketchbook. I've actually got more than these scanned and stuff, but I figure I'll just spread the wealth throughout the posts.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Rakugaki BEAT

Whoa... it's been a long time....

Everything is like spiral for me. If I don't draw one day... my ability to put pencil to paper weakens and then before I know it, a month goes by without a single sketch getting drawn.

That'll be put to an end hopefully now that I've got my Rakugaki BEAT sketchbook.
In reality, it's just an ordinary moleskine, but with the flame of spontaneously combusting imagination, it becomes my tool of drawing destruction!
My aim was to do 2 pages a day, but I've been getting ahead of that, so I'll stick to drawing 2 pages as a minimum.

Here's what I've gotten scanned so far.