Thursday, May 14, 2009


I saw Godzilla: Final Wars yesterday. What started as a perverted joke snowballed into watching Gozilla clips on youtube and then stumbling upon one of Godzilla destroying American Zilla in under a minute flat. After that..... I kinda knew I had to see this damn movie. Which I did.
And now I can't stop pretending to be Godzilla! THE MOST DESTRUCTIVE FORCE ON EARTH!!!!!
I would like to do a finished version (or 2) of this on a 3 foot watercolor paper in black ink, and make it look like a proganda poster. One in plain black and white and the other in inkwash. I might just do the plain black and white one on a smaller size paper, however, haha.

The movie itself was entertaing, as expected of a Ryuhei Kitamura film. Don't go expecting serious character development or whatever. It's just campy fun with some kickass monster fight scenes. That said, I wish there were more kaiju fights than human fights.


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