Tuesday, August 4, 2009

shin rakugaki mangaka

For today's rakugaki installment... well I wish I'd not post the trashy sketches (it only gets trashier from here) but a post is a post!

The Zangief drawing is a copy of Bengus's MVC2 art and most of the SF characters there are copies as well. Man.. drawing the gief was tough... since I try not to do any underdrawings in this sketchbook and just sight everything, copying Bengus's fantastic proportions was quite the ordeal.

There's something that's been bothering me as of late. I've been reading a lot of One Piece lately. And I do mean a lot. I've managed to see 1200 dpi scans of some pages and the amount of detail in it is astounding. I know it sounds wierd but seeing a stroke as big as my finger on the monitor makes me feel like I'm understanding Oda's process better. With seeing how he constructs his characters and world, I've taken in some of his stylistic choices to see how they would work out.
The one thing I have an IMMENSE respect and admiration for is Oda's ability to take a stock emotion/face such as shock and implement it into ANY character. The characters emotion is not only clear but one can recognize the character even though there might be up to 5 people exhibiting the same emotion. Or his animals! The all have the same face, but they all read as individual! I guess this is what you call... mastery.

Oda's ability to model the human body from any direction is also astounding. I've started leaning more towards his approach to character creation, both in face and body, but I feel as though its made me lose whatever originality I had. I feel like I can't create women anymore, or work off whatever ideas I might have had in the past.

I guess what I'm trying to communicate here are my feelings of ineptitude and the experience I'm gaining as I work towards a cohesive drawing style. I feel like it's time to start settling into something. It's time... TO HENSHIN!!!! FLLAAAAASSSSH~!!!! GYAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~!!!!!!!

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