Thursday, June 4, 2009



Jenny Deathrain doing some up-the-wall gymnastics. I drew this towards the beginning of the quarter but wasn't quite satisfied with the version I had inked, so I redrew and inked it, but this time adding in some tone. Pretty cool, huh?

In real life news, I just finished up classes about a week ago. Now I have allll the time in the world (for 3 months and in between work) to draw! I'm work on 4 Asphalt Graze teaser pages to show in my portfolio along with a crossover oneshot using a character from my good friend, James Stanley. You can check out his crispy deep fried art at beefykunoichi!

PS- I bought Final Fantasy Tactics Advance 2 and it's destroying my life. 11 hours in one day... what is wrong with me.

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  1. BY FAR. My favorite piece I've ever seen you do. Thank you for posting this.